Release notes for version 7.10.1

When upgrading from an older version of ConfirmConnect® please ensure that you check the full release history to identify the changes made since your current version was released.

Listed below are all the changes contained within this release.

Issues resolved:

Installing the ConfirmConnect® Web Service

Follow the installation instructions below: -

Installing the Web Service for the first time

Download the ConfirmConnect® Web Service installer from ConfirmConnectWebService.exe and run through the instructions contained on the Web Server Installation page.

Upgrade the existing Web Service installation

Download the ConfirmConnect® Web Service installer from ConfirmConnectWebService.exe and replace the contents of your existing ConfirmConnect® Web Service.
This can be done by either pointing the installer to the web service location or by installing to a second location and manually copying the full contents over the existing web service.

Installing ConfirmConnect® on Devices

Supported Platforms

Please review Supported Platforms and Device Minimum Specification page for details on ConfirmConnect® support details.

For devices which do not have ConfirmConnect® installed, use the applicable QR code below.
Note: For Device upgrades, follow the Upgrading Devices instructions

Android and iOS

Install from ConfirmConnect® from either the Itunes App Store or the Google Play store. The QR Codes below will take you to ConfirmConnect® in the relevant store.

Windows (7 and above)

Install the following pre-requisites:

Use the QR Code to download the file. This can then be extracted to a directory of your choice. Once extracted, launch ConfirmConnect® by running the ConfirmConnect.exe.

Web (Chrome - for testing and training purposes only)

ConfirmConnect® can be run via Google Chrome and is installed as part of the Server Installation mentioned above. Using ConfirmConnect® in Google Chrome isn't intended for production purposes but does allow it's use for training purposes.
Note: Using Google Chrome will use a device licence. If you clear your browser cache and then use ConfirmConnect® again, a second device licence will be used.

Android (5.0 and above)


iOS (10.0 and above)


Windows (7 and above)


Web (Chrome)


Upgrading Devices

Upgrading to v3.10.0 from any earlier version

Follow the instructions below for your chosen platform:

v3.10.0 and above

Upgrading from version 3.10.0 to any later versions will be driven by the web service, unless otherwise specified. After the web service has been upgraded, the device software will automatically be upgraded during the sign in process:

When already signed in, the following warning message will appear on the transfer screen: "An update is available for download. Please sign out to begin update".

Device Licences

When ConfirmConnect® is installed, it is given an installation ID, this is tied to a device licence in Confirm. When ConfirmConnect® is removed from a device or, if using Chrome, the cache is cleared, the installation ID will be removed but the link to the Confirm device license will remain.
To remove any redundant licences from Confirm, navigate to the ConfirmConnect® registration screen and find the entry for installation ID which is no longer required and delete it.

ConfirmConnect® Help Documentation

The latest ConfirmConnect® Help documentation is now available in PDF format from this Website.

Available as two documents: - one for end Users (ConfirmConnect® - User Documentation) and one for Administrators (ConfirmConnect®).

Testing Navigation

If you do not wish to use the default Navigation application selected by ConfirmConnect® you can test custom Navigation Templates using the following page.